MegaBox HD app allows users to stream hundreds and thousands of films and Tv shows from their smartphones without much effort. You can pick TV shows and movies to stream online or download them for watching when you are offline. The drop-down menu lets users to access their most-loved films and shows with just a click.

The app has a the ability to search through a bar that you can search for your desired television and film shows. It lets you apply filters such as popularity, new reviews, releases as well as other filters. to improve your search. Users are able to type the full name of the film and television shows, and you can enter keywords.

MegaBox HD application lets you select the quality of your favourite video from a selection of different resolutions, including 320p,720p, or 1080p. After you’ve found the desired content you can look up the information about it, including the year of release, their ratings and genres.

My Movie Collection HD

My Movie Collection HD is an entertainment application that aids you in keeping track of your most-loved movies with no stretch. Users can see their entire collection of movies in a single glance, and personalize it by adding pictures, details, texts as well. in order to make it even more user-friendly. You can access a variety of information about the film, such as its release date as well as biographical information, and can also view the trailer and overview video to gain a better understanding.

It lets users look up their preferred films by actor name director’s name, actor name, or the title of the film. You can also narrow your search according to genres, format review, rating as well as decade and other aspects.

Dejavu Movies Discovery

Dejavu Movies Discovery app lets you find your favorite movies in just a few minutes. Log in to the app to transfer your data to the cloud server, as and search for films while browsing as guests. The app has interactive search filtering that let users to apply different filters to your searches.

The app also comes with high-quality photos and a trailer for the film that you can check out for a better understanding. Users are not limited to purchase films on the iTunes store, but also pre-order or rent the movies. It is also possible to share most loved films with your family and friends via various social media platforms so that you can take in the films together.


Flixster is a social-media-based entertainment website that lets you can find brand-new items to enjoy a good time. It lets you search for movies, look up reviews, and even watch TV shows at no cost. It’s just a area for entertainment lovers specifically where they can post their views on any television show or film.

Along with showing the trailers for new films Flixster also provides details about the date of release. Flixster provides a website-based method to purchase tickets so that you can enjoy the films whenever you like.


Kanopy is a fantastic solution that makes it simple to stream and find meaningful films. It is among the most well-known streaming apps specifically designed for people who wish to stream the latest movies every day. The library includes thousands of titles, including the most popular films and festival favourites that are chosen because of their understanding of the different perspectives, cultures and convictions.

Kanopy lets you enjoy discovering new films that are added each month. You will also receive staff, recommendations and personalized recommendations for the films that appeal to you. The site offers programs for children that parents can explore educational and entertaining videos for kids of all ages.


Filmbox+ application is an entertainment program developed by Tayfun with which users can make a list of things to do while watching their favorite films. The app comes with shake control that lets you shake your phone to move between previous or next and be used to move between movies with your fingers too. There is no need for an account on the app’s in-app store to access the app, however, you can make one to store your data in a cloud-based server.

Filmbox Smart Movie Manager app is available with just a single click addition of TV shows or movies and a watchlist that keeps the track of your watch record. It is possible to create three distinct lists of users to manage or watch the films you have watched and an account to view the lists in a group.


Playbox, an entertainment application created designed by Rachid Bogos. It comes with a wide selection of well-known Hollywood and Bollywood films. The interface is a panel that has options to access video content such as movies shows, cartoons and more. The downloaded folder lets the user to open all their downloaded films with just one swipe.

The app has the discover section, which contains films based on the latest movies and releases. The search bar lets users to find their preferred films by typing the full name or keywords. Playbox lets you add the desired movies to your favourite folder, and then share the movies with other users via various social networking platforms. It’s a no-cost app that doesn’t include any ads or in-app purchase. You can also watch all recently released and anime films that are popular by using the application.

My Movies by

My Movies with application lets you download your entire collection of movies on your phone without a lot of a hassle. Users can filter their selection of films by different attributes and also create filters that are based on their preferences. You can find movies in your collection with hashtags.

The app is loaded with options to let you rate films that you have recently watched to let others with your thoughts. Users can also get fantastic discounts on premium films by using the application. It also has an integrated calendar that will provide users with the release dates of all movies that are coming out and ensures that you aren’t missing any premiere.

RecordMovies Free

RecordMovies The free app allows users to create a virtual bucketlist of movies you love and are planning to watch in the near future. It allows you to add movies to the list and everything else is taken care of by the application. It will track movies in the list and sends you notifications when they’re available for viewing.

It lets users sort movies by the title, rating and release date. This means it is possible to access them with just a click in the tab. You can make a favorites folder and add films to and be able to share them with your friends on the social networks.

Movie Genius

Movie Genius is an app created written by Clive skinner. It is a great app with advanced recommendation features that suggest movies that are based on themes and plots, reviews and the opinions of viewers. The suggestions become more sophisticated as you use the app. It comes with AI learning capabilities that let the app can learn about your preferences for films.

It comes with pre-added lists of movies as well as the ability to create your own list of movies to save your favorite movies as well as new films in it. The app has an upgraded filter feature that allows you to sort movies based on the age rating. The settings section permits you to disable or enable movie searches based on the age of the movie.

TodoMovies 4

TodoMovies 4 app gives you the with the ability to control your movies that you’ve watched and to search for new films. You can make separate lists for both the unwatched and watched movies. It lets users look up movies by applying the genres, release dates and filters that have recently been released.

The app offers the ability to score movies so that you can give your opinion on films, or read other reviews of your favourite films. The app lets users find out about the director and cast of the films. You can click upon the name of directors and actors to see all their films. The interface has buttons to open discover lists, search, news, and the setting section. The discover section displays your films according to their the popularity of genres, their most recent released, and coming.


BIGSTAR Movies can be a no-cost app for Android and iOS which lets you stream films and TV shows. The app offers films in a variety of genres, including Action, Horror, Sci-Fi as well as War-based Funny and Fighting, etc. Anyone can watch and discover movies from across the globe on this sleek platform.

It provides all the popular films and TV shows to the palms of your fingers. BIGSTAR Movies Watch Free Movies and TV shows allows cinephiles to stream the latest releases from foreign films, Indian movies, documentaries and much more.

Movie Bucket

The Movie Bucket App is an entertainment app developed by aspyre, which assists you with keeping track of your favourite films. It allows you to add films to your bucket list and it will inform you of the release dates of films. Users can get to know what films their peers are watching. The list of films you have watched contains movies you have seen, and you are able to rate them. Users can suggest good films to relatives and friends through different networks of social networking.

It allows you to add movies to your bucket list, by viewing them with just one tap. The app will provide reminders you can schedule for films, and informs you when the films are available for viewing. You can find detailed information about your favourite films including review, rating genre, release year and director’s name etc.


JustWatch is among the most enjoyable and beautifully created platforms for anyone who enjoys watching films as well as other fun stuff. JustWatch is the best choice for you if you’re searching for an online platform that can stream indefinitely the most recent movies, TV channels, and shows.

It’s an app online that helps you navigate the top streaming platforms in the world like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu as well as Amazon Prime Video, etc. It allows users to look through all the latest films in cinemas, as well as new content coming out, the next releases, and even buy tickets.

Bobby Movie

Bobby Movie is a free-to-use Movie Streaming Android app that allows you to stream HD TV shows, movies and other events at any time any time, from anywhere in the globe. The app has a an easy and simple UI and UX that lets you effortlessly find your favourite video content and stream without limitations. Bobby Movie is a simple yet powerful streaming application for movie buffs of all kinds.

In contrast to other movie and video streaming software, Bobby Movie also has several sections, including New Release, Trending, the most popular to Watch and Categories, and so on. Each section includes a selection of content that is constantly updated with new content. You can also use an advanced search bar that lets you discover your favourite content within a minute. Bobby Movie is completely free to download the streaming application that doesn’t require registration for films.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is the world’s most well-known non-profit digital library that has the goal of providing universal access to all information. It offers free access to digital content such as movies, websites, music videos, pictures, video games as well as more than 3 million books, and more. It’s a robust solution that permits users access to download and upload digital materials into its database cluster. However, the majority of the data it collects is in real-time by its powerful web crawlers. The web archive has over 308 billion web-based capturesand manages one of the largest digitization initiatives for books.

The platform comes with a easy and user-friendly interface that everything is made up of diverse parts such as Web Music, Movies, Images, Video Games and Books. Each one offers its own unique millions of options , which are regularly updated. Anyone can gain access to the services without limitation. The Internet Archive did not require registration. However, if are looking to improve your personal information or even share your most-loved content with other users it is necessary to register.

Movie Diary

Movie Diary is a program that lets users look up recently released and well-known movies or tv shows as well as various other videos. It is possible to create a personalized calendar to record the dates of release for your most anticipated films. Movie fans can stream films on the internet and download them to view offline, while also bringing them with them. It allows you to make a watchlist of films you’d like to see.

The home screen is home to buttons that allow you to navigate the discover next, Watchlist and section on profiles. The app has Discover section that lists television and movies by filtering them according to categories like the top weeklies, new releases and featured, among others. Movie Diary app offers features that help you track your Watchlist so that you can plan your the time you spend watching your preferred films or TV shows. It provides a summary of the movies, including release date, time of release on television, actor’s name as well as other information.

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